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Alex GSP Murphy


May 6, 2019

Dinosaurs, prehistoric beasts to wage war in innovative new tabletop game by Nerd Palace Games

Asheville-based game company to launch Primeval Clash with Kickstarter funding on May 10

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Have you ever wondered what it might be like for a Norse berserker on a saber tooth tiger to invade ancient Egypt? Have you thought about who would win in a fight, nine dimetradons, or three triceratops? Or considered how the Aztecs might have prevented the colonial British conquest with an army of allosauruses and raptors?

Gaming and paleontology fans could soon find out with Primeval Clash, an innovative new tabletop game created by local game company Nerd Palace Games.

Primeval Clash is a heroic-scale miniature game that allows players to wage war using armies of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, while representing ancient cultures modeled after historical civilizations.

Cody Brown, owner of Nerd Palace Games, began pre-production on Primeval Clash last year. In May 2018, he commissioned artwork and 3D sculptures of the models to be used in the game.

“The market doesn’t have any skirmish games that focus on large creatures, especially dinosaurs,” Brown said.

To support the publishing of Primeval Clash, Nerd Palace Games is launching a Kickstarter campaign in early May.

The Kickstarter campaign will pit the game’s first four factions against each other:

·The Norse-like Kingdoms of Farheim

·An ancient Egyptian empire also known as the Akhotep Dynasty

·The Quanah Sovereignty, which is reminiscent of the Aztecs

·Colonial British called the Grand Empire of Lindenia

Each of the four factions has a unique play-style and selection of troops and mounts. Three more factions are planned, depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign. Some of the stretch goals of the campaign include exclusive unit cards, attachment cards, and even the ability to have your name or likeness immortalized in a miniature. The link to the Kickstarter will be live on the website on the morning of May 10, 2019.

Game designer Alex GSP Murphy described Primeval Clash as, “a game that rewards strategy and thinking, while minimizing luck.”

For example, a roll of the dice won’t determine battle outcomes. Dice will be used to indicate which actions a player can take – run, fight, etc. – but not the intensity of the action.

“There are too many games where 10 heavily-equipped knights run in against unarmed peasants and lose horribly, simply because of an unlucky dice roll,” said Murphy, who previously owned The Sword & Grail comic book and game store in downtown Asheville. “The Primeval Clash system is very different from anything I have seen in over 30 years of gaming.”

About Nerd Palace Games

Nerd Palace Games is an Asheville-based startup dedicated to creating unique, challenging role playing, board and card games that maintain a sense of fun and wonder. For more information, visit


Primeval Clash

Our first game: Primeval Clash

Primeval Clash is set in a world where dinosaurs and older cultures battle for survival in a fast paced game. The rules are influenced by previous miniature games, but takes a unique direction and create a richer experience where strategy outweighs luck and the players get to make the choices about the outcomes of the fights.

That’s right, Dinosaurs.

So it begins

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