The World

In years long past the world was one primordial mass filled with life of every variety. Humans and mammals emerged into a world where dinosaurs walked the earth, just before the tectonic plates shifted and separated the world into hundreds of large islands.

Humans evolved isolated from each other and soon discovered quintessence, the solidified form of magic that lay dormant across most of the islands. They used this magic to communicate and control some of the dinosaurs and beasts that inhabited the world.

One of the islands, Lindenia, was more advanced than the others and raided on its neighbors. They colonized a few of the closer islands, and then attempted their largest invasion against an unknown magically-advanced island. After the invasion force landed, the island sank beneath the waves of the ocean, and a hurricane of epic proportions raged across the waterways between the land masses for a thousand years.

Ten years ago the storm stopped.

Some of the different cultures started building ships to explore their surrounding area, and see if they could gain more resources, including quintessence, which had been depleted on their home islands. Few people still had the magic to be able to control the dinosaurs, and most of them could only influence the smaller breeds.

This is the world of Primeval Clash

The Akhotep Dynasty is a desert dwelling civilization that is well educated, proud, and deeply religious. When the storms stopped they spent years analyzing the changes in the world. There have been many increases in their knowledge of magic during that time, but they have been unable to determine the cause of the storm, or why it ended.

A few cultures have travelled to their sandy shores looking to trade. The two most prominent have been the Grande Empire of Lindenia and the Kingdoms of Farheim. In both cases trade was not enough, and conflict arose. The Dynasty has been protected by the defensive magic, channeled from their pantheon of gods and directly hindering the invaders.

The Grande Empire of Lindenia is a culture that comes from an agrarian area, filled with mostly herbivores. Due to not having any quintessence in their homeland, they learned to make do by training their dinosaurs and developing their science and technology. Over the thousand years of isolation they have made many advances beyond what other cultures can imagine, but at the cost of stripping every resource from their homeland. If the Empire wants to survive it has to gain access to new resources.

The Kingdoms of Farheim are the shattered remains of a great northern island. Within a month of the hurricane stopping, a thousand ships filled with the dead landed on their eastern shores. The dead disembarked and marched across the island slaughtering everything that they found. The longships that they had used for river and coastal travel became their only means of escape. The survivors settled a new island far in the frozen north and renamed themselves the Kingdoms of Farheim. The kingdoms are all underpopulated and to rebuild their society, they need more workers, warriors, and citizens. Their initial attempts at trading for population was not successful, so they have taken more direct methods. They Farheimers have a strong connection to magic, but in combat often rely on the brute strength of themselves and their megafauna.

The Quanah Sovereignty is a jungle dwelling culture that has maintained an excursionist stance after the storms ended. In the past year the slaving raids from Farheim and the Lindenian invasion have gone too far and the Emperor-child has declared that punishment must be carried out. The chieftains and shamans have taken up the call and every village across the island is mustering their beasts for war. To compensate against the strength and power of the invaders, they have been focusing on night attacks and raids.