Quanah Sovereignty Introduction

Qu-ato pushed the leaves aside and watched the two colonial soldiers. They were trying to hide in the bushes outside of their camp. A smile crossed his lips as he was reminded of teaching is nephew of how to be a hunter. This time instead of ruffling a boys hair, he would cut the men’s throat. What these monsters were doing on his land was a mystery, but the destruction they were causing was known to all.

Qu-ato crept back to where the rest of his squad lay in wait. He got close to his younger brother, who was also second in command of the village defense.He pointed out the three different areas where the sentries were stationed.

The younger man strained his eyes against the darkness. “What are we going to do with them?”

The older brother ran his fingers through his straight black hair. A look of contemplation crossed his stern features. He motioned for the youngest of the warriors to join him. “Chu’a, I need you to go back to the village and get the other warriors and raptors. All of them. Bring me my Allosaur. You need to go down the south slope and bring Unkrethin. We need his power too.”

He glanced back at the enemy soldiers and kept his voice low. “We need all of them to be back here soon. Guide them to the clearing just down the hill. I will meet you there. We need to strike at moon rise.”

The youth disappeared into the jungle. Qu-ato stretched his muscles after hiding for so long on the ground. He looked over to his younger brother. “We wait until the clouds cover the moon, when they can’t see. Then we will unleash a massacre. The same thing they would do to us.”