Ulfrick and the Slowbeast

High priest Ulfrick chewed off half the green bud. He held the rest of it in his hand and let the Giant Slowbeast snort, sniffle, and then munch on it. The steamy underbelly of the cargo ship was still uncomfortable, but he didn’t seem to mind as much. The rest of the riders ran down and started saddling their mounts. A smile crossed Ulfrick’s face as he realized he forgot to tell anyone else that he had seen the coastline in the runes he cast.

He worked as fast as he could, but currently he was moving half the speed of the other riders. Granted he was still going twice as fast as the Slowbeast. By the time he got the harness on and mounted, the hull of the knarr ship was empty. His beast lumbered out to the deck that was also empty. Ulfrick looked at the mud hut village surrounded by sand. He chuckled to himself that some of the mud houses looked funny. The duo crawled down the ramp and across the endless sand. The beasts long curved claws dragged the ground and made it even slower going.

Arrows flew through the air and peppered the infantry in the village. The swordcats and warhorns ran down the archers that were firing on Ulfricks countrymen. He urged his mount faster. No one else noticed the difference. Just as the high priest got close enough to the battle he saw that it was over. His smile faded as he heard the roar of a massive terror-lizard, twice the size of any mammoth. Happiness drained away as he saw a huge group of the largest beasts ever. The warhorns began to scatter, driven back from the ferocious roar.

Ulfrick calmed his mind and etched a series of runes in the air in front of him. Crystals of ice hung in the sharp angles of the ancient runes. When he sealed his hands together the runes flew at the short-horned lizards. The ice crystals clung to them and slowed them down dramatically. Ulfrick could see the leader stand up and start screaming.

The high priest chuckled to himself and drew other darker runes in the air. He chanted loud cries to Thor and Tyr. The flaming blood runes flew towards the warhorns. They and their riders turned towards the great lizard in a great frenzy. Cries rose up from the Farheim army as they charged towards the Akhotep lines.

Ulfrick could see the enemy general call out to his troops. He could not understand the words but knew they were a call to his troops behind him. He saw small finned lizards waddling up with an odd glow around them. The group opened their mouths. Then it all went dark.