Heth and the Sisters of Vipers

Heth-utari looked down on the robed man jogging along with a pack of flame fins. She shook her head at the pedestrian and urged her Sand Racer faster. Its long legs kicked up sand and made a cloud behind them. She glanced to the right and looked over her three sisters. The mounts snapped their many-teethed mouths in anticipation. The thin membranes on the back of their necks absorbed the suns energy.

Sekhat looked back over at her and smiled, her head partially obscured by the snake-head helmet. The long fangs came down in front of her face, but after a lifetime of wearing the headpiece, she barely noticed it.

For long minutes the sisters ran behind the pack of horn lords. The ground shook with each of their massive steps. She looked back and couldn’t see the flame fins any more. She chuckled to her self and urged her mount faster.

The General on the largest horn lord called his unit to a stop as they crested a hill. He pointed the Sisters to flank to the right while they were still out of sight. The Sand Racers stretched out their legs as they sped up. Heth looked for the lowest part of the ridge line and guided her troops towards it.

Just before they got there, a roar went up from the lead Horn Lord. Heth urged her mount faster, and they spilled over the hill. She saw a mass of Akhotep slave archers that were being captured by the northmen. The appearance of the General and the horn lords, made the foreigners pause. They remounted as they saw the Sisters sprinting around towards their flank. Massive cats with long teeth were ridden by the Farheimers. They ran towards the side that the Sisters of Venom were, trying to outflank them and collide them back towards the rest of their army.

Heth could hear yells in their primitive, guttural language. She saw them dart in closer with their heavy javelins.

“Loose and retreat,” She yelled. A volley of their light venom tipped javelins flew. The Sand Racers stretched their long legs and made distance on the invaders. Heth glanced back. “Another volley,” she called out. The mounts turned in unison to face the Farheim riders, and the sisters launched another wave of javelins. More of the great cats and their riders fell.

The unit turned to run again, but some of the north-men’s javelins were within range. A few riders died, but the only thing that Heth noticed was Sekhat’s mount getting impaled, falling, pinning her sister to the ground. Her pack kept running but she turned back before she could think.

Through the storm of javelins she rode. Sharp breath filled her lungs as she closed in. Heth could see the bone sticking out of her leg where the Sand Racer had fallen. The missiles stopped targeting her, and the swordcats pursued the rest of her sisters that still fell back. She reached down and grabbed Sekhat’s hand and started to pull her up.

Heth’s Sand Racer started to pull away before she was ready. She glanced up to see what was spooking her mount. A giant wolf was charging at her, it’s mount had a great spear lowered. It was too fast and close for her to do anything. She froze in panic.

She heard a high pitched gurgling roar from behind her. A beam of light came from the mouth of a Flame Fin, and caught the wolf and it’s rider in the face. It yipped and jumped back, ruining it’s charge. Heth’s hand went down to her bundle of javelins and launched one into the rider’s throat.
She caught her breath, dragged her sister out, and draped her across her mounts back. They fled across the crest and behind the line of battle.

Today they limped but they lived.