General Nanteka and the Horn Lord

General Nanteka turned in the saddle and looked back at the army that trailed him. Three groups of the Sisters of Vipers were at his flank, the Flame Fins trailed far behind, and a few Horn Lords, similar to his mount but a bit smaller were in between. They weren’t going to be in time to save the village. He reached out with his mind and urged his mount faster. The ground shook with each step. At full stride the Horn Lord’s back was as flat as the sandy horizon. Nose to tail it would have been twenty paces, with a head larger than any man.

Nanteka scanned the distance and finally picked out smoke in the distance. He angled towards it and the army followed suit. He leaned to the right and raised his arm in signal to the sisters, and they curved out wide to flank.
Within a few minutes he could hear the rumble of an enemy army doing battle. He slowed his mount and waited for the lesser horn lords to catch up. They crested the hill as a group. Before them he saw infantry from Farheim marching upon his own Akhotep peasants armed with bows. Some of the invaders rode on giant cats and others on large beasts with fur and a large horn on the front of its squat nose.

With a mental nudge the Horn Lord unleashed a horrifying roar that made the battle below them stop. Time slowed as everyone focused on the new comers. The woolly warhorns scattered before the oncoming army. A few that were too slow were picked up in the jaws of Horn Lords and ripped asunder. More panic ran through the invading Farheim army.

In the distance a large squat creature crawled to the edge of the battle and stood upright. Nanteka could see its rider making large symbols in the air with its hands. Before he got closer to the rest of the army he felt the cold wind circle around him and snare the Horn Lord in its icy grip. He turned in his seat and saw the other lords slowing down so much that they would never be able to fight, and possibly not even survive the cold.

The General turned back and saw the Flame Fins in the distance. He shouted as loud as he could for them to get up the hill and take out the shaman in the back. He turned back just in time to see another rune fly through the air that invigorated the warhorns to a frenzied blood lust. He wasn’t sure how this would end but he braced for the impact.