Femi and the Flame Fins

Femi hurried to the kennels. Slaves and soldiers alike ran in different directions trying to accomplish everything all at once. The frantic energy of the camp was contagious. When Femi arrived the pack of Flame Fins were bounding around and chewing on the fence. “Hamsi,” he called to them a few times until they dropped and rubbed their bellies on the hot sand. He tossed them the last scraps of sun-dried meat from the barrel near their pen.

They surged to activity, fighting over the meat. The lizards bodies were almost waist high, but the curved fins on their back were as tall as Femi was. The fins had been in the sun for so long that they gave off their own glow. The beasts were fierce to each other, but not to the point of injuring their pack mates. Liquid light spilled out of their mouthes as they snapped at each other and the meat. Femi climbed over the fence and fitted a collar over the queen of the Flame Fins. No one else approved of his titling the eldest female of the pack a queen, but he didn’t really care what most other people thought.

Once the meat scraps were devoured he reached out with his mind and soothed the packs frenzy. He strained to exert his dominance, but his family line had always been weak with their mental control. His strongest desire was to find solidified quintessence to boost his ability to communicate and control the great lizards.
Femi turned when he heard the s

ounds of massive footsteps from behind him. He looked up at General Nanteka on his massive Horn Lord. It was the second largest lizard known to the Akhotep Dynasty, a gigantic beast that walked upright, and had a huge head with hard knobs on the front.

Femi and the general shared a brief nod that didn’t include any smiles. He watched the commander ride away. Absent mindedly he reached down and stroked the neck of his queen. A minute later, word rippled through the camp that they were heading northwest to save a village that was under attack. He opened the gate to release the beasts, and started jogging.

One of the Sisters of the Viper looked down at him from atop her small mount. She shook her head and her group speed off. Femi wiped the sweat from his brow, girded his loins with his robe and started running behind the rest of the dinosaurs. His beasts could feel his resentment, they fed on his anger and grew brighter, and together they ran faster towards the northern invaders.